Louis Vuitton Non-Binary Spring/Summer 2021

Louis Vuitton’s Spring/Summer ramp 2021 ramp was dominated with text graphics, printed stripes and over sized boxed overcoats. The idea involved that fashion pieces for women could fall in the grey matter of feminine and masculine.

What space is there for a category of clothing between feminine and masculine? We’re defining a type of clothing that lives in a non-binary zone.

Nicolas Ghesquière

Opening the show with graphical t-shirts and dresses screaming words such as ‘vote’ and ‘drive’, made it a colourful start to women’s wear. Following which was a collection set of neutral tones of beige, blacks and whites including clustered shooting stars prints and stripes of the same with a visible hint of cerulean in certain garments. Bringing colour and vibrancy back on the ramp with mixed media prints on straight cut dresses, crop tops and knee length trousers.

Keeping all aspects of the fashion pieces non-sculpted yet feminine, Louis Vuitton breaks the myth of flaunting feminine figurines in womenswear. The garments are created with simple, boxed construction including overcoats, dresses, shirts, half/full trousers, jackets and t-shirts.

Chroma key. A selection of bags from the collection, including entirely new designs as well as reinterpretations of iconic models.

The collection highlighted the chameleon green handbags with the classic embossed LV logo. To match this, the Samaritaine building interiors were colored in a similar fashion.

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