Acing your Spring wardrobe with Dolce & Gabbana

Being one of my favorite designers, Dolce and Gabbana have proved my adornment for them yet again.

Sicily, the island that has always been the source of inspiration for Dolce&Gabbana, is told through the contrasts
that render it unique.
The new Women’s Collection tells of a story of a union, of pieces created by artisans’ hands, with different colours, forms and fabrics joined together in a combination of patchworks: a celebration of Fatto a Mano.

The breathtaking vibrancy of the D&G Sicilian Patchwork Spring-Summer 2021 Women’s Fashion Show brings back life to the fashion world.

Every garment of this collection is designed with paneling and patching various styles of fabrics, from jacquard to denims to floral and animal prints to stripes to literally anything you could imagine in your wildest dreams. Making every patch and colour pop on each look, D&G have created eye catching fashion pieces including jackets, long collar shirts, pants and a variety of different silhouette skirts.

Almost every looks is teamed with patchwork shoes too! Yes, the patchwork knee high boots are hardly unnoticeable. Adding their Sicilian style to their head wear, the collection also includes head scarves and big flower headbands that enhances quite a lot of looks that they presented on the runway for the spring/summer collection of 2021.

Watch their Sicilian sartorial styles on the ramp walk in the video below.

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